Corporate Responsibility

At Service Electrical, we recognise the impact our work has on the environment, the local community, and the people we serve. We acknowledge our responsibility to provide a sustainable, ethical and socially-conscious service, in the best interests of our stakeholders.

Health and safety is an integral aspect of all our core business practices, ensuring that work is carried out as securely and efficiently as possible. Additionally, we understand that protecting the welfare of our staff is of paramount importance, as outlined in our employee code of conduct.

All Service Electrical employees are made aware of their responsibility within the company to adhere to our dedicated policies on corporate issues.

Click here to view our Equality and Diversity Policy.

Full copies of the policies are also on display at our company premises and readily available to clients.

Additionally, at Service Electrical we are keen to get involved with local charities and events. Click here to view our recent charity and sponsorship activities.